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ABOUT Elevate Women

The aim of Elevate Women is to facilitate communication between businesswomen at all levels with the underlying philosophy of helping each other to elevate their careers.

This can be done in two ways:

1. Through sharing business across the network, recommending and referring members to use each other’s services.
2. Through sharing information to assist others to learn or fast track their careers.

The second communication element is essential, and offers a unique, confidential medium that enables you to direct questions to a targeted group without revealing your identity. This allows you to ask those questions which you think you should already know the answer to, but don't, or just want to check your thinking without showing your cards to colleagues, peers or management and potentially undermining your career prospects. Alternatively, you may be seeking some knowledge relating to your area of expertise, and don’t want your broader network to see what you are asking.

By becoming a member, you are committing to helping other women elevate their careers by sharing your learning experiences and expertise. Just as you will seek support from other members, this is your opportunity to give back and encourage other women to take the higher road with the choices they make, to guide them through the tougher decisions, and to show them how to be successful while injecting their own personality into the organisations they work for. The Elevate Women network will allow you to impact more women than you could ever do in person, and therefore give you a greater sense of achievement.