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Q: Who’s behind Elevate Women?

A: With over 18 years experience in the Recruitment industry, Ruth Morgan has worked for several global companies such as BDO, Morgan & Banks/Hudson and now Talent2. Specialising in Executive Recruitment primarily in the Accounting and Legal sectors, Ruth has also recruited at General Management and Partner level, as well as having been involved in search work for company mergers.

In such a highly competitive market, Ruth has built strong partnerships with other multinational organisations and has a strong understanding for relationship development and management. Equally important in sustaining a career in recruitment, is the provision of quality services to candidates: assisting with career progression, negotiating remuneration and onboarding candidates into organisations.

Q: How will my EW membership contribute to my success?

A: Any successful person requires a strong and supportive network. People they trust, that they can gain honest and informed feedback from. The ability to access information quickly is also critical. Elevate Women achieves both. In short, by expanding your network, and demonstrating your capability through assisting others, people will recognize your expertise, and seek your services.

Q. If I want to ask a question, will people be able to see that it’s me asking it?

A. There are two ways that you can communicate with other members: openly or confidentially. If the question does not focus on a confidential matter, or may in fact increase your exposure or contribute to building your profile, then you may wish to email or contribute to forums openly. If however, the question has an element of confidentiality about it, the beauty of Elevate Women is that you can ask without revealing your identity.

Q: There are so many online networks around, why should I choose Elevate Women over the others?

A: Elevate Women will appeal to those of you who are energised by surrounding yourself with achievement oriented people. If you like bouncing ideas off of others, sharing thoughts and experiences, learning from others, and enjoy contributing to other people’s success, the Elevate Women network will provide you with a trusted forum to achieve this.